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Control Website Info for Facebook Share

Control your website info on Facebook status

1. Thumbnail Image
Facebook seems to have some strange methods to determine the pages and images to show when you post a link to your website.
To ensure facebook displays the image you want for your website do the following
a. create and upload an image in PNG format to your website. For cgs we used a 250×250 pixel image : see here
b. Include a tag like below to the section of your website/page

2. Title

Set the <title> tag value in your <head> section of the webpage to the desired information that you’d like displayed. For CGS we have set it to be ” IT Services for SMB’s | Creative Global Solutions”

3. Description

Add a Description meta tag in your <head> section of the webpage with the desired description for your webpage/site, like below

<meta name=”description” content=”Want optimal solutions for streamlining your business processes? CGS gives you the tools you need to stay competitive. We provide IT Consulting, Web Design and Software Development services for Small to Medium Businesses.” />

Facebook usually picks up the changes in a day or two, but you can force these changes to be picked up by using the Facebook Debugger tool and providing your website url.

Happy Facebook’ing