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About Us

Want optimal solutions for streamlining your business processes? CGS gives you the tools you need to stay competitive.

What CGS Ireland is about?

Irish Businesses are going through challenging times and most want to increase efficiency in their systems and focus their manpower on the most important part ‘Provide better service to their customers’. The possibilities are endless!

How do we do it?

Working with a panoramic and comprehensive view of software/systems development we interact with our customers in an open and jargon-free manner to gain an indepth understanding of their particular business and its needs. Our expertise in listening to what you have to say is one particular attribute that sets us apart from the rest.

Our Skillset

  • Mobile Application Development: iOS, Android
  • Web Application Development: PHP, Ajax, HTML5, Node.js
  • Mobile Web Application Development: HTML5, Ajax, Node.js
  • Software Development : .Net
  • IT Network Services : LAN implementation, Servers, Firewall
  • Operating Systems : Linux, Windows